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Caters for up to 100 Guests. Staff in attendance for up to 4 hrs flowing time.

Unlimited servings, up to 10 dipping items. Top quality Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate Fountain White.jpg

Sweet Cart with Ferris Wheel

Comes with 24 Kgs of assorted sweets , choose from our list.

Illuminated with LED's

We set up in the morning and collect after the event.


Popcorn Machine


Up to 3 hrs hire

2 metre high Popcorn machine suitable for up to 200 guests

Unlimited sweet or salted popcorn in 1 oz bags , served by our operator.

Discount available if ordered with our Chocolate Fountain

Pick & Mix Stand

Supplied unmanned, and 30 Kgs of sweets with up to 20 different varieties from our extensive list of 150 products.

Whats left is bagged up for you at the end of the event or the next morning.

Candy Floss Machine


Up to 3 hrs hire and 150 guests.

Unlimited candy floss from our operator during the hire period.

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